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Development and application of long - term anti - corrosion coatings in high humidity and heat environment
Aiming at the serious corrosion problem of railway rail and power grid tower in high humid and hot environment in Southeast Asia. Research and development of a new type of long-term anti-corrosion coating material based on graphene two-dimensional materials, and its application in surface protection of rail and power grid tower, greatly improving its service performance and life
High performance ionic liquid electrolyte
In view of the electrochemical and safety problems of electrolyte, a new generation of ionic liquid electrolyte is studied by using the characteristics of ionic liquid electrochemistry, good thermal stability, non-volatilization and wide liquid range, which is used for lithium battery, super capacitor and large-scale energy storage
High voltage lithium ion capacitor
A new type of asymmetric capacitor combines the anode material of lithium ion battery and the anode material of supercapacitor on the electrode material, so it has the electrochemical performance of both devices, and has higher power density and energy density than lithium ion battery and supercapacitor
New technology of PET degradation based on ionic liquid
In view of the serious pollution of waste PET and the waste of resources, a new technology of recycling waste PET catalyzed by ionic liquid was developed
Ultrasonic palm oil extraction and conversion technology
Design, Development and Manufacture of Complete Equipment for Continuous Countercurrent Ultrasound Extraction of Palm Oil
High Efficient Conversion of Palm Oil to Bio-based Lubricating Oil
A New Technology of Converting Palm Oil to Lubricant/Anti-wearAgent Based on Ultrasound Extraction Technology