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Removal of heavy metals
Removal of heavy metals (arsenic and mercury) from wastewater
Semiconductor material
Low K Organic Liquid Source Materials for Integrated Circuits
Biomass Conversion and Utilization
Using rice husk as raw material to produce high value-added by-products of micron food-grade silicon dioxide
CO₂ conversion and utilization
Preparation of Formic Acid and Carbon Monoxide by CO₂ Electrochemical Reduction (1) Catalytic hydrogenation of CO₂ to formic acid (2) Catalytic hydrogenation of CO₂ to methanol (3) Catalytic hydrogenation of CO₂ to low carbon alkenes (4) CO₂ catalytic hydrogenation to gasoline
Production of Anhydrous Ethanol by DMTE
Development, Application and Popularization of Complete Technology of Synthetic Gas to Ethanol (DMTE)
Carbon dioxide conversion chemicals and their derivatives
(1) Polypropylene carbonate polyols are synthesized by copolymerization of industrial waste gas CO? and propylene oxide with an innovative catalyst in a circulating reactor. They can be used to produce packaging films for industrial use and as tougheners for engineering plastics and rubber materials. (2) A new biodegradable material synthesized by using CO? as the basic material and the first technology of CO? polymer polymerization has been widely used in food packaging and agricultural film.