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Key Technologies of Mercury-Free PVC Production
(1) Catalytic cracking process of VCM by EDC: EDC conversion > 90%, VCM selective > 99% catalyst. (2) Particle size control technology of emulsion PVC process: emulsion PVC size <20 micron. (3) Naphtha feedstock cracking furnace high performance coil: ethylene yield than traditional technology increased by 1-2% (28%), furnace length > 60 days
High Value Products Downstream of Coal-based Synthetic Oil Industry
Fine chemicals, including lubricants, catalysts, additives, emulsions, etc
Advanced carbon black materials
Carbon black: carbon black filler for N220, N330 rubber
Related applications of bio-based materials
(1) Bioplastic:PLA,PHA,PBS, etc. (2) High added value: carotenoids, astaxanthin, etc. (3) Sugar products: healthy sugars, sweeteners (4) New technologies/products come from starch, cassava, sugarcane, palm, glycerin
Waterproof coating
"Waterproof Coatings" for Automobiles
Lightweight materials and 3D printing
Manufacturing carbon fiber materials and 3D component printing for lightweight cars