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Elderly Care System
Intelligent remote aged care system development
Ultra High Resolution Camera
R&D and manufacturing of ultra-high resolution cameras that can be applied to platforms such as satellites and drones
UWB Network Centimeter-level Real-time Positioning System
A system based on extremely narrow pulse ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) technology for high-precision positioning, which can effectively avoid multipath effects and achieve seamless positioning of the target in the network through algorithms
Beidou-based Vehicle Intelligent Control System
The whole system includes the vehicle-mounted Beidou positioning terminal, data center, monitoring center, service center and mobile APP. By using Beidou navigation, real-time monitoring and query, route management and vehicle scheduling of vehicle position information are realized
Vacuum Equipment Manufacturing Application
Vacuum pump, vacuum heating equipment, vacuum testing equipment manufacturing applications
Intelligent Quality Sorting Equipment Application
Focusing on internal and external quality high-efficiency grading: Breaking through the problem of online rapid non-destructive testing of fruit and vegetable quality based on multi-source information fusion, researching and developing the world's first-class fruit and vegetable quality grading processing line suitable for domestic industry demand with the hightest level of automation and most standardized business process