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Express Parcel Automatic Sorting System
High-end intelligent automatic picking line for logistics express industry
Electronic Election System
Application systems, including voter registration, polling, assistant voting, and centralized counting, able to fully meet the application needs of large-scale direct elections overseas
Smart City Technology Application
Covering smart city planning and applications, IoT foundations, and big data processing, regulation, security and assessment
Millimeter Wave Human Imaging Security Inspection Equipment
In the case of not directly contacting the human body, the examinee can effectively detect items hidden in various parts of the human body surface under the cover of clothing within a single detection time ≤ 3 seconds, particularly the non-metallic objects, and can get image information about the shape, size, and location of hidden items.
AR & VR Equipment
Household/ Multi purpose AR/VR Equipment R&D and manufacturing
Chinese-Thai Artificial Intelligence Language Translation
Chinese-Thai artificial intelligence language translation corpus construction