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Automobile exhaust purifier
All-metal three-way catalytic purifier instead of traditional ceramic core three-way catalytic purifier
Automotive Oxygen Sensor
Using domestic zirconia powder, tape casting technology and screen printing technology, the technical problems of zirconia substrate forming, screen printing and other high-precision products were solved, and the technical level of zirconia-based gas sensor was improved
Highly efficient visible photocatalytic water pollution control materials
Utilizing sunlight, without consuming other energy sources, directly mineralizes organic pollutants thoroughly without secondary pollution, and has low development cost and energy consumption. It is a very ideal new technology for environmental pollution control
Clean low-energy desalination technology
Clean low-energy desalination technology suitable for Middle East region
Agricultural Saline-alkali Land Management and Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Forestry Biomass in Desert Eco-circular Economy
Straw Ecological Cycle, Resource Reuse, Biochar Yield Increase, Moisture Moisture Improvement Structure
Overall Solution of Green Building
The energy efficiency management system of green building, using intelligent integrated system technology, collects, displays, analyses, diagnoses, maintains, controls and optimizes the energy consumption information of each energy-using system in green building, and forms a system with real-time, overall and systematic functions of energy efficiency management through resource integration