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Solid oxide fuel cell
Using solid oxide (ceramic) electrolyte to operate at high temperature (600 ~ 900 C), the high temperature waste heat can be used to promote the further power generation of gas turbine or steam turbine
New bulk crystalline fluorescent materials
It can be used for high power white LED, effectively optimize the structure of white LED, improve the performance of LED, and reduce the packaging cost. Especially, it has obvious performance and cost advantages in COB and SiP high power multi-chip linear array and area array LED packaging
Smart Energy-saving Glass Coating and Filming
Master the coating preparation process and physical coating process based on VO2 nanometer powder, with adjustable temperature control response, high light regulation efficiency and simple structure, in line with the existing low-e coating production process
Thermoelectric Conversion Materials and Devices
Long-life, highly reliable all-solid-state power generation technology, using waste heat, waste heat to generate electricity or electricity for refrigeration or heating
Silica aerogel
Using cheap water glass as silicon source, it has been obtained by sol-gel process and atmospheric drying technology. It has three dimensional network structure, and has the advantages of low density, large specific surface area, high pore volume, low thermal conductivity and high specific strength
High Performance Self-Cleaning Coatings
High-performance nano-titanium dioxide sol coating can decompose the contamination of glass surface or exterior wall coating under sunlight, and has good weather resistance, convenient use, cleanliness, transparency, colorless and transparent