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High thermal conductivity low temperature co-fired ceramic material
Electronic components, solar thermal substrates, power device packages
Scintillation ceramic
Widely used in high-energy physics and nuclear physics experiments, imaging nuclear medicine, industrial CT non-destructive testing, oil well exploration, airport security, anti-terrorist inspection and long-term illuminating applications, etc.
Zinc Oxide Ceramic Varistor
Protected by overvoltage and to avoid disasters mainky caused by lightning strikes; Mainly used for railway electrified transportation, urban rail transit, urban and rural transmission, small power supply equipment for automobile engines, etc.
Magnetoelectric Magnetic Field Sensor
High-tech fields such as information technology, advanced manufacturing, land and resources, biomedicine, aerospace and weaponry
482℃ High Temperature Piezoelectric Acceleration Sensor
This product is used for testing the vibration acceleration of rotating equipment. It can be widely used in industries such as aviation, shipbuilding, nuclear power, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc
Large-size PIMNT Piezoelectric Crystal
Piezoelectric materials are transducer components of ultrasonic transducers and are widely used in fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military