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Key Technologies and Demonstration of Green and High Efficiency Separation and High Value Utilization of Bagasse
Bagasse Component Comprehensive Utilization, Clean Process, High Value Products: Xylose, High Purity Fiber, Fertilizer
Biogas Technology
High concentration anaerobic fermentation of agricultural waste to prepare biological gas industrial chain technology system
ICC Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification Technology
Clean and Efficient Utilization of Coal to Produce Industrial Synthetic Gas
Research and Development Platform of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Generation System
Compact, efficient, economical (10-20% reduction of leveling power cost), environmentally friendly
Dye-sensitized solar cells
The cost of raw materials is low and the manufacturing process is simple. The screen printing process is adopted, which has stable performance, less attenuation and can generate electricity under weak light
Copper Indium Ga Selenium Thin Film Solar Cells
Innovative use of the "four in one" method preparation process, avoid the high cost disadvantages of traditional process routes such as co-evaporation and post-selenization, with high efficiency, flexibility, low cost, no pollution, high specific power, long life and high radiation resistance