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Surface Modification Technology for Corrosion and Scale Resistance of Aluminum Alloy Pipe
The chemical oxidation method has the advantages of easy operation, simple equipment, no power consumption, high production efficiency and low cost. The obtained oxide film is firmly combined with the matrix and has high stability
High Temperature Resistance Technology of Metals
Relative high temperature resistant metal materials were obtained by adding rare earth elements
Enzymatic Gelatin Technology
Molecular modification of the existing protease was carried out to improve the hydrolysis specificity of the procollagen terminal peptide, and the special protease for gelatin preparation was obtained. The enzymatic preparation process was optimized, and the biological substitution of the chemical process was realized. The traditional alkali preparation process was simplified into several steps, such as acid-soaking-ash-soaking-neutralization. Enzymatic treatment of a reaction step shortens the technological process, reduces freshwater consumption by more than 70%, and saves a lot of energy and acid-base reagents
Advanced power generation technology based on nuclear fusion
Use nuclear fusion reactions to generate heat for power generation and fusion plasma physics
Green energy
a. Battery Technology: Lithium-ion battery (solid, semi-solid (Hybrid), liquid electrolysis); b. Battery charging technology; c. Electric vehicle technology; d. Energy storage.
All vanadium flow battery energy storage system
Realize the smoothing of the grid-connected power of the wind farm and improve the power generation capability of the wind farm tracking plan. The local and remote monitoring system responds sensitively and accurately, and the alarm, fault and data reporting functions are perfect