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Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite brake pads
A low cost and high performance preparation technology of C/C-SiC friction sheet material was developed
Large Size Yttrium Doped Lead Tungstate Scintillating Crystal Materials
Yttrium-doped lead tungstate crystals have the advantages of high density (8.3 g/cm3), fast luminescence (10 ns), short irradiation length, high radiation damage resistance and low cost. They are the mainstream scintillating crystal materials for high-energy particle detection applications
High Energy Resolution and Fast Attenuation Scintillation Transparent Ceramics
Characteristics of ceramic scintillators: large effective atomic number (conducive to high energy ray absorption), higher light output (enhancing signal intensity), faster attenuation (faster imaging, lower injection dose), higher energy resolution (improving signal-to-noise ratio, higher resolution of clinical images)
Transparent Ceramics for Solid State Lasers
Nd:YAG transparent ceramics as laser gain medium can achieve high efficiency and high power continuous laser output. Laser ceramics not only have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high strength of ceramic materials, but also have advantages in preparation cost, size, mechanical properties and thermal properties. At the same time, by adjusting the physical and chemical properties of ceramics, it is possible to obtain characteristics that conventional lasers do not possess
Tetragonal zirconia ceramics
Starting from the high specific surface area zirconia powders prepared by domestic coprecipitation method, this project invented the low specific surface area and high sintering active zirconia powders. Combining with the original organic compound formula based on domestic raw materials, the project successfully solved the problem of using domestic low-cost zirconia powders for injection moulding of high precision and complex shape products such as ceramic cores. Technical difficulties have improved the technical level of tetragonal zirconia ceramics in China
Rare earth doped CaF2 laser crystal
The substitution of Na + and Yb3 + for Ca2 + can prevent the formation of Yb3 + cluster structure and Yb2 + at the same time, thus greatly improving the luminescence efficiency of Yb3 +: CaF2 crystal and lowering the laser pumping threshold. Through the design and regulation of local coordination structure, the fluorescence quantum efficiency of Nd: CaF2 crystal (>80%) can be greatly improved, and light can also be realized. Regulation of Spectral Performance