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Mortar modifier
The addition of wet-mixed mortar can maintain the operability of wet-mixed mortar for more than 24 hours, significantly improve the bond strength between matrix and mortar, break through the technical bottleneck of traditional mortar in-situ mixing, and provide technical support for large-scale production and large-scale use of high-performance ready-mixed wet-mixed mortar.
YDS chemical grouting material
Because of its low viscosity, good permeability and high mechanical strength, it is widely used in foundation reinforcement, waterproof and seepage prevention, and concrete repair and reinforcement of dam foundation of hydropower station
Triphenyl-free Chloroprene
It has good stability, high bonding strength, adjustable opening time, oil resistance, heat resistance and water resistance, and does not contain triphenyl solvent. It can be widely used in luggage and furniture manufacturing, shoemaking, automobile assembly and other fields
Inorganic silicate paint
The color is not affected by the environment, climate and ultraviolet radiation. The color can last for a long time. Inorganic silicate coatings are made of natural mineral raw materials and patented formulations. They do not contain formaldehyde and other organic volatile solvents, and do not add heavy metals. VOC content is close to zero. Mineral composition does not burn at 1200 C
Concrete polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer
(1) Ultra-high water-reducing polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent is prepared by special synthetic process. Pros: the high water-reducing rate, excellent slump-retaining performance, good workability, small shrinkage, and effectively improve the strength of concrete. (2) High slump-retaining polycarboxylic water reducer has excellent slump-retaining performance, good initial dispersion performance and strong adaptability to rubber and aggregate. It can achieve almost no loss of concrete slump within 3 hours, suitable for long-distance transportation of ready-mixed concrete. (3) Ultra-early strength polycarboxylic water reducer is a kind of concrete admixture specially developed for the production and manufacture of pipe piles and segments. It has the advantages of short setting time and high early strength. The product is also suitable for the production and use of commercial concrete in winter and spring.
High efficiency ceramic water reducer
It integrates water reducing, strengthening and grinding aids, and realizes the multi-function and serialization of ceramic aids