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Textile Printing and Dyeing Smart Factory
Through the interconnection and interoperability technology, the centralized collection and synchronous transmission of the underlying device data is realized, and the horizontal integration and vertical information integration of the enterprise are gradually realized, and the whole process of the production process is automated and intelligently transformed to realize the collaborative manufacturing mode
Smart Sensor Application
Smart Sensor for early preventive maintenance, Sensor for detecting corrosion/insulation detection in upstream petrochemical (aromatic/olefin) plants/patrifaction, Crude oil compatibility forecast
Spatial Optical Remote Sensing
Achieve rapid emergency awareness in a large area, multi-dimensional detailed survey of key areas, spatial information chain construction, and comprehensive high-frequency spatio-temporal information acquisition, widely used in disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental monitoring, map revision and urban planning
Intelligent Traffic/Security Image Processing and Target Tracking System
Multi-target simultaneous processing, strong anti-interference ability, effective algorithms such as time domain and frequency domain and 3D model registration. Object recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle speed measurement, pedestrian detection and trajectory tracking, vehicle detection and trajectory tracking, intelligent security and traffic , real-time security intelligent monitoring
Ultrahigh Resolution Intelligent Monitoring and Warning System with 180° Large Field of View
180° field of view without distortion, precise target positioning and guidance, real-time image compression, remote full-resolution image transmission, secondary development. Coastal defense, anti-terrorism, aerial photography, battlefield vision detection, ecological surveillance and key surveillance, human-machine surveillance and warning, forest fire prevention
Real-time Image Enhancement System
Effectively improve image quality and observation distance for low illumination, foggy weather, etc., multiple interfaces, low latency, low power consumption