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Serialized Microwave Dielectric Ceramics and Devices
Microwave dielectric ceramics (MWDC) refers to ceramics used as dielectric materials and performing one or more functions in microwave frequency bands (mainly UHF, SHF bands, 300MHz to 300GHz)
Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Piezoelectric energy harvesters are widely used as a new energy technology. It can be used for road surface deformation energy on railways, highways, airports, subway stations for street lamps, signal control systems, automatic card readers and other power supply. It can be combined with wearable devices to collect the mechanical energy generated by people walking and to charge and power low-power mobile devices. Piezoelectric energy harvesting technology can also be combined with MEMS technolog
High Performance Ultrasonic Transducer for New Bone Density Meter
The new quantitative ultrasound bone mineral density measurement system (QUBS) enables non-invasive, non-destructive, non-radiative detection of physiological parameters such as bone mineral density and bone strength
High Performance Ultrasonic Transducer for New Bone Density Meter
Long wave combined with far infrared imaging with high precision
Non-Destructive Testing Technology for Surface and Internal Defects
Using characteristics such as sound, light, magnetism and electricity, the defect or inhomogeneity of the object to be inspected is detected with the output of the size, position, nature and quantity of the defect without impairing or affecting the performance of the object
Space Automation Technology
Space robots and automation, special robots and high-end manufacturing equipment